Upholstery Stapler
- 22GA 3/8" Crown Stapler (71 Series)

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MProve 7116 22GA 3/8" Crown Upholstery Stapler (3/16" to 5/8" Length)  BeA:   71/16-421, 71/16-401LM,   71/16-436LN, 71/14-451A(LM) 

Senco:  SFW09-C, SFT10XP-C, SFW08C, SFT10-C, SJ10-C
MProve 7116A 22GA 3/8" Crown "Auto-Fire" Upholstery Stapler (20 shot / Second Maximum)
     MProve 7116ALM       22GA 3/8" Crown "Auto-Fire" Long Magazine Upholstery Stapler (20shot/Second Max)